Day to Day Life for the Palm Beach Home Owner

Although synonymous with wealth and privilege, Palm Beach Island is more than that, much more. Yes, it has played host to its share of artistic and cultural icons; café society devotees; stars of stage and film; world leaders, international celebrities, and financiers who over the decades have attended exclusive soirees, held clandestine meetings, and lived amongst the backdrop of its old world architecture. But that was then. Today, a more egalitarian populace of some 10,000 year round swells to some 30,000 during the winter, scattered over 10 square miles. And thanks to philanthropic industrialists, forward-thinking town fathers, committed residents, and since 1928, The Garden Club, daily life on Palm Beach offers all the amenities you could wish for right on the island, complete with an elegant quality of life. You will treasure the time you spend here.

Palm Beach has one elementary school on the island. The town is justifiably proud of its Recreation Center, offering fully staffed and supervised programs that encompass after school activities; and for kids from one to 92, enrichment courses in the arts, dance and languages; and fitness classes. Tennis is another popular pastime, and the island features two municipal courts, each offering a comprehensive slate of activities for all ages and abilities.

Berth Your Boat, Play Some Golf, Right on Your Palm Beach Island Home Turf

For its nautical neighbors, Palm Beach Island has its own Town Docks that since the 1940s has provided space and services for power yachts and sailboats. It can berth vessels up to 260 feet. And then there's the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course where you can play right on the island between the intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean on a singularly outstanding portion of Palm Beach real estate. First opened in 1961, the course was redesigned by Hall of Fame golfer Raymond Floyd in 2009. Golf Digest calls it, "the best Par 3 in the U.S." Many say it's the best Par 3 anywhere.

Most Floridians are familiar with the early history of the state, and the influence of the Spanish and English explorers that began in the 1500s. The first known settlement on Palm Beach Island was established after the Spanish ship Providencia was wrecked on its coast in 1878. It was soon after that, in 1893, that the contributions of one of the founders of Standard Oil, Henry Morrison Flagler, began to shape modern Florida. As his career with Standard Oil drew to a close, Flagler purchased thousands of acres of land in Florida and became the builder of the Florida East Coast Railway, along with many of the luxury hotels at each city's terminus. It was a serendipitous match - the wealthy from the north took Flagler's train south for the winter and stayed at his landmark hotels until spring returned once again. The Royal Poinciana and The Breakers are perhaps the best known. Thus began the fledgling tourism industry in south Florida. The rest, as they say, is history.

The town incorporated in 1911. Until his death in 1913, Flagler gave away thousands of acres of his land to the city so that agriculture could flourish, and museums, churches, fire departments, schools, clubs, cemeteries and parks could be built for the local citizenry. Palm Beach County owes its eternal thanks to this most forward-thinking, generous individual. As this Gilded Age passed eventually into the Roaring '20s, a new personage, the celebrated architect Addison Mizner from New York (by way of California) took over designing homes and structures on Palm Beach and beyond. By far his most visible work on Palm Beach still today is the storied Worth Avenue shopping district of Palm Beach, and the most legendary, the Kennedy family home, purchased by Joseph P. Kennedy in 1933 (from department store magnate Ron Wanamaker) that eventually became "the Florida White House" during the John F. Kennedy administration.

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We could tell you a lot more, but there is too much more to tell. Once you live here, you will understand, and then you will know. Let Frankel Realty Group help you write your own Palm Beach story. Life on Palm Beach Island is not for everyone, but could it be for you? If you believe it is, contact Frankel Realty Group. We will help you make a slice of Palm Beach real estate your own.