Dec 13, 2016

Amazon Takes Shopping and Technology to Another Level

Amazon Go On December 5, 2016, Amazon unveiled Amazon Go, ‘the world’s most advanced shopping technology’. The first Amazon Go store was announced in Seattle. Buyers can visit the store, open the Amazon Go app on their mobile phones and scan your phone as you enter. Then, you can put your phone away and simply grab whatever you need and walk out of the store. There is no need to wait in line at the registers.

This revolutionary new system has been in development for the past four years. According to Amazon, the system employs computer vision, highly advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Whatever you pick up off the Amazon Go shelves get automatically added to a virtual shopping cart. If you decide to put something back, it will be automatically removed from the shopping cart.

This ‘just walk out’ technology adds up everything you picked up in your virtual shopping card and charges the total to your Amazon account. A receipt will be sent to the app. According to Amazon, the check-out free shopping experience employs the same technologies such as sensor fusion, computer vision and deep learning, which are used in self-driving cars. The items that you pick up are kept in track in the virtual cart.

The first Amazon Go store is expected to open in Seattle, early in 2017. The store 1,800 square foot store on 7th avenue will feature grocery essentials, prepared meals, snacks and meal kits.

Source: Orlando Sentinel
Photo Source: The Verge