Dec 23, 2016

Tips to Stress Less During the Holidays

Stress Less During the HolidaysThe holidays are truly a wonderful time! However, the endless parties, crowded shopping malls and chit-chats with relatives can get quite exhausting. Here are some great tips to make sure that you don’t let the holiday stress get to you!

Get some exercise

Exercise is very important to keep stress at bay. If you can’t do a complete gym session, try some light activities such as walking as not only does it get your heart pumping but also has a tranquilizing effect on rhythm and repetition. A brisk walk for just half an hour a day can do wonders. For extra benefits, consider walking in the sun or to get outdoors for a little while each day. The sunlight, along with the exercise will help boost your mood.

Don’t give up on your routine

Although you may have plenty to do during the holidays, you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard with the cooking, shopping and partying. Be sure to stick to your daily routine without adding on too much holiday work into your schedule.

Relax and get some rest

No matter how full your schedule may be, don’t forget to save some time for rest, relaxation and of course, spending time with your loved ones. Getting enough sleep is a must and if you are having trouble with it, consider something like 5-HTP which increases serotonin levels and decreases anxiety. You can also try citrus essential oils such as orange and lemon dabbed on a handkerchief for a mood-lifting effect. Above all, don’t forget to laugh and unwind!

Focus on what’s important

In reality, the holidays are not about creating Pinterest-worthy desserts and obsessing over details. It’s all about spending time with the people you love. So, don’t worry too much about being perfect and try your best to creating pleasant memories with your family and friends.

Try something new!

If your holiday dinners tend to end with arguments or if the old customs are a bit too much trouble, why not try something new this year? Try arranging the family dinners or brunches in restaurants to discourage bad behavior or adopt some new customs for this holiday for a refreshing change.

Get help

You can’t do everything by yourself! Consider asking for help and to delegate your tasks the right way to reduce some of your workload and to keep stress at bay. You can ask help from your friends, family and colleagues to help make things easier for you. Be sure to ask for help individually for the best responses.

Take a few days off

If you are working full time, be sure to take a few days off without going from work mode to holiday work mode and then back to work mode once the New Year starts. Instead, take some time and go away for a couple of days or enjoy a staycation with the family without thinking about holiday preparations and work.

Think positive

Thinking positive and having an optimistic outlook can prevent your body from triggering a stress response. Instead, look for the positives such as enjoying some time with your relatives who live far away, catching up with old friends and trying some delicious food to keep your mind and body, healthy.