Our Agents are Like No Other!

Frankel Realty agents are busy people and all pursue excellence in all aspects of their careers; excellent service for clients, excellent market knowledge, excellent professional standards and excellent relationships within the company and among cooperating brokers. No one understands the waterfront and golf community  more than the team at Frankel Realty.

Frankel Realty Agents

  • Brad & Shannon Ball Brad & Shannon Ball
    Phone: (561) 373-8700 Profile
  • Carol Agranoff Carol Agranoff
    Phone: (954) 410-8516 Profile
  • Chas Berle Chas Berle
    Phone: (561) 891-1072 Profile
  • Dana Lasher Dana Lasher
    Phone: (772) 245-8188 Profile
  • Don Brounstein Don Brounstein
    Phone: (561) 573-3800 Profile
  • Don S. Smith Don S. Smith
    Phone: (561) 339-7461 Profile
  • Ellen Lehrer Ellen Lehrer
    Phone: (561) 719-6818 Profile
  • Emily Schachtel Emily Schachtel
    Phone: (561) 866-9069 Profile
  • Frank Galego Frank Galego
    Phone: (561) 714-3222 Profile
  • Greg Lane Greg Lane
    Phone: (561) 529-6044 Profile
  • Joe Ingarra Joe Ingarra
    Phone: (561) 246-1527 Profile
  • June Mattson June Mattson
    Phone: (561) 222-0640 Profile
  • Laraine Sacco Laraine Sacco
    Phone: 561-373-6856 Profile
  • Dory Faxon Dory Faxon
    Phone: 401-965-7530 Profile
  • Geraldine Stanko Geraldine Stanko
    Phone: 561-603-6730 Profile
  • Tom Frankel Tom Frankel
    Phone: (561) 427-2154 Profile
  • Richard Wood Richard Wood
    Phone: (310) 874-5639 Profile
Looking to join the Frankel Realty team?

Being part of our team is a coveted position and we are always looking for energetic individuals with a excellent work ethic. If this is you, we look forward to talking with you.